Arquitectura a granel

We design Buildings, Neighborhoods and Cities, CONFORTABLE for the user and HEALTHY for the planet.

A granel, without packaging. Bulk architecture projects can be measured and assigned an exact value; they allow quantity to be adjusted to one’s own needs; it is based on trust and closeness.


We consider it fundamental to have a transversal approach to each project, where we seek to resolve demands that come from different groups. We are committed to working in multidisciplinary teams that understand that processes are complex and require specialized professionals.


We understand participation as the necessary means to ensure the success of projects. Participation is an inclusive process and therefore we seek to maximize the processes of customer involvement both in the analysis of project needs and in the development of proposals and solutions.


We think it’s time to work consciously, assuming our role in the sustainable development of architecture and urbanism. We base our work on responsible decision-making with users and the environment.


“Nuestra propuesta consiste en devolverle a la gente el poder de decisión sobre su propio hábitat”

Rodolfo Livingston “Arquitectura de la comunidad – El método”